We are thrilled to announce our cooperation with the European Implementation Network (EIN) in their new project focused on safeguarding freedom of expression in the Council of Europe member States. As a participant to this project, we are dedicated to… •••

The European Commisions Annual Report on the Rule of Law in 2023 ...

The annual report on the rule of law is the basis of the European Commission’s mechanism promoting the rule of law in member states and preventing the emergence or deepening of associated problems. The annual report consists of comparable data… •••

Informal Zagreb coalition of Civil Society Organizations for the ...

In February 2023, we started the process of bringing together civil society organizations (CSOs) for human rights to ensure better continuous cooperation of local civil society with city bodies whose authority is the protection of certain aspects of human rights…. •••

Thematic Report “Human Rights Defenders in Croatia: Challenges and Obstacles” ...

The Human Rights House Zagreb wrote and published a thematic report titled “Human Rights Defenders in Croatia – Challenges and Obstacles”. The report builds upon Human Rights House’s research dating back to 2018 and assesses work-related problems and challenges faced… •••

UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR) – 3rd cycle – Monitoring the ...

The Human Rights Council of the United Nations conducts regular assessment of human rights situation of all UN member states within the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism. The Universal Periodic Review is a unique procedure that provides each UN member… •••

Human Rights City Concept in the EU

Human rights city concept fosters cooperation of local actors which commit to upholding human and fundamental rights in and through their work within their local communities. This term comprises not only cities, but also other forms of local and regional… •••

Human Rights in Croatia: Overview of 2021

Human Rights House Zagreb published the annual report “Human rights in Croatia: Overview of 2021”, which provides an overview of the most important problems, challenges and open questions that affected the protection and promotion of human rights in Croatia last… •••

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS – “Youth against hate speech”

Human Rights House Zagreb is holding a one-day training to recognize and suppress hate speech! Hate speech devalues ​​and dehumanizes a person or group of people because of their diversity and causes alienation and social exclusion. Hate speech is not… •••

Annual Human Rights Conference

Human Rights House Zagreb is organizing its Annual Human Rights Conference, from April 27 to April 29, 2022. We invite you to join us LIVE on the first day of the conference which is held on Wednesday, April 27, 2022… •••