The Round Table “The Challenges of Inequality: What Do Numbers and Practice Tell Us”

The roundtable on inequality will be taking place on Monday, February 13 at 12 pm in the Vukovar City Library. Please feel free to join us there. The Center for Peace Studies will present the results of the research project “The Surveyor of Inequality”, in order to launch discussion, presentations and ideas to stop negative trends. The Vukovar-based Associations Info Center for Youth Vukovar, BaBe – Be active. Be emancipated. – The Safe House of Vukovar-Srijem County and the Humanitarian Association “Duga” Vukovar will share with us the experiences in their work to increase the quality of life of the local community.


The Center for Peace Studies conducted an analysis of statistical data on unemployment, GDP, the education, health and poverty levels, which showed the existence of extremely large differences on regional level (the comparison between county-based data clusters).

Further increase of negative indicators such as high rates of poverty, unemployment, negative educational structure and lower levels of availability of social services could lead to the irreversible standstill of development in some areas of Croatia. The issues that this analysis opens are relevant to both decision-makers and citizens who want to engage in social change.

On the round table organized in cooperation with the Info-Center for Youth Vukovar on February 13 2017, at 12 am in the Vukovar City Library, along the presentation of the results of the research project “The Surveyor of Inequality”, we will talk about the experience of Vukovar – how mentioned indicators manifest themselves in everyday life in Vukovar and what are the consequences of the mentioned trends on young people, women, or people at risk of poverty. The goal of the round table is to review and discuss the local situation, present examples and offer ideas to stop the negative trends.


The announced participants of the round table are:

Maja Plejić, Center for Peace Studies

Karolina Šoš Živanović, Info-Center for Youth Vukovar

Tamara Mikulić, Humanitarian Association “Duga” Vukovar

Ivana Sučić, BaBe – Be active. Be emancipated. – The Safe House of Vukovar-Srijem County


This event was created with the financial support of the European Union. The Human Rights House is exclusively responsible for the views expressed, and thus cannot be considered as the official position of the European Union. The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of The Republic of Croatia Governments’ Office for Cooperation with NGOs.