The informal Zagreb coalition of civil society organizations for the advocacy of human rights in the City of Zagreb (Zagreba coalition) is based on the idea of gathering relevant civil society organizations in order to systematically monitor the protection and promotion of human rights at the local level.

Through joint work, we will work to improve the participation of citizens in making decisions of public interest and improve the quality of future measures of local authorities that protect human rights.

13 interested associations participate in the Zagreb Coalition: Klubtura, Center for Peace Studies, Documenta, Croatian Network for the Homeless, Coalition of Healthcare Associations, Croatian Youth Network, Right to the City, House of Human Rights Zagreb, SIDRO Association, Alliance of Autism Associations, Green Action , Zagreb Pride and Women’s Room. These are civil society organizations that operate in Zagreb and whose work is focused on relevant human rights areas (protection and promotion of human rights, women’s rights, youth, environmental protection, independent culture, healthcare, persons with disabilities, education, housing rights and socially excluded persons, transitional justice and the culture of memory, etc.).