Human Rights in Croatia: Overview of 2019 is a report by Human Rights House Zagreb, which provides insight into violations, problems and challenges in the field of protection and promotion of human rights in Croatia during 2019. The report is based on a systematic year-round monitoring and collecting of information from relevant civil society organisations and members of academia who deal with human rights. The research methodology is based on the United Nations’ Universal Human Rights Index. The report covers: social, economic and political context, international instruments, laws, public policies and institutions, right to participation, human rights defenders and civil society, religious rights and freedoms, media freedoms, security and human rights, human rights and the judiciary, transitional justice and dealing with the past, right to an adequate standard of living, labor and trade union rights, right to health, financial lending and right to protection of property, right to access to culture, human rights and the environment, education and human rights, vulnerable groups, women’s rights, children’s rights, rights of the elderly, rights of persons with disabilities, rights of LGBTIQ persons, rights of the homeless, rights of refugees and rights of national minorities.