Human Rights House Zagreb is a nonprofit, non-governmental and non-partisan organization. In order to successfully function as an association, the work of Human Rights House Zagreb is funded through projects and donations.

Through research, monitoring, advocacy and education, in ten years of its existence, Human Rights House Zagreb contributed to the realization of a more free, open, pluralistic, democratic, equitable and inclusive society based on respect, protection and promotion of the highest standards and norms of human rights and freedoms.

If you share our vision and want to support the activities of the Human Rights House Zagreb and contribute to the quality of our work, you can do so through donations.

In this sense, the term “donations” refers to money or assets (buildings, things, securities, commodities, material, receivables, equipment etc.). The value of the donation is not limited and it is determined at the cost of the purchase (how much the donated thing cost in the procurement). On cash donations, the value added tax is not calculated.


Information for cash payment:
Address: House of Human Rights, Selska cesta 112a / c, 10 000 Zagreb
IBAN: HR6924840081104956274, Raiffeisenbank Austria
OIB: 84554015070


All donated funds will be spent in accordance with the Statute of the Human Rights House Zagreb for the implementation of a specific project or program activity and / or administrative costs (including pay, fees, office costs and other regular and extraordinary operating costs). You will be informed on the use of donated funds upon request.

Human Rights House Zagreb guarantees your privacy. We will collect only necessary donor information. Each donor will be given the ability to decide for her or himself how to manage their personal data, including the option to remove their name from the donor list and the lists used to raise donations. Solely with your written consent, your name may be highlighted on the donor website and in all donor lists of the Human Rights House Zagreb.

For more information, please contact us via e-mail at:

Human Rights House Zagreb will not accept donations coming from persons whose business does not comply with the ethical and moral principles and values shared by the Human Rights House Zagreb. Human Rights House Zagreb will not receive donations coming from persons  against whom a misdemeanor or criminal procedure is conducted and / or have been sanctioned; which have been proven to violate workers’ rights; or have been proven to avoid paying contributions and taxes. In the occurrence of receiving such grants, they will be returned to the donor.