The Croatian President and Premier must unequivocally condemn human rights violations in Hungary

Human Rights House Zagreb and the Croatian Platform for International Citizen Solidarity (CROSOL) appeal to the President and Premier of the Republic of Croatia that in their talks today with the President of Hungary János Áder, they unambiguously express their concern over continuous and widespread human rights violations in Hungary.

President János Áder has without any reservations co-signed a series of laws proposed by the Hungarian government and passed by the Parliament, which have resulted in violations of human rights in Hungary. Just last week, the President signed a law which de facto prohibits the operation of one of the most prestigious European universities (Central European University); and previous to this, laws were adopted that violate the human rights of refugees.

The vast majority of EU member states are appalled by the attacks of the Hungarian Government and Hungarian President on freedom of speech, freedom of expression and press freedoms, as well as by the Hungarian government’s treatment of refugees. This concern is shared by the citizens of Hungary. Last week, 80,000 inhabitants of Budapest took to the streets to oppose the repressive policies of their Government.

As a member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, Croatia has a responsibility to actively advocate for the protection of human rights in all UN member states. Therefore, we expect that in today’s talks with the President of Hungary, President Grabar-Kitarović and Premier Plenković will unequivocally condemn the systemic violation of human rights in Hungary. We also expect the President and Premier to transparently inform the Croatian public what they have undertaken with respect to this matter.