Public Forum ‘Spatial Planning Between the Public, Business and Political Interests’

Space is one of the most significant resources that we as a society still have at our disposal. Spatial planning regulations and compliance with these regulations are therefore a key factor for our common future. But should it be managed ad hoc, depending on the current needs of potential investors or political interest groups? Or is it the obligation of all those who decide on the purpose and use or protection of space, to respect the Development Strategy as a key document on which draft documents are based, and to responsibly administer the space, on behalf of the common good?

These and other important questions will be discussed by the participants of the public forum “Spatial Planning between the Public and Business and Political Interests”, which will be held in the City Library Juraj Šižgorić in Šibenik, on Wednesday, 1 February at 6 PM.

The public forum is organized by the Association / Web portal TRIS and the Human Rights House Zagreb, while the announced participants are:

Diana Magdić, sociologist, The Association Teserakt, Split,

Dragan Žuvela, President of the Association of Architects Split,

Dario Crnogaća, President of the Association of Architects Šibenik,

Dražen Hoffman, GONG, Zagreb

Representatives of the City of Šibenik and the Šibenik-Knin County

The results of the project Education for Citizens – Citizens for Social Development and Solidarity will be presented at the public forum. You can find out more about the project here or download a promotional flyer.