Human Rights House Zagreb publish Action Plan for Combating Hate Speech

Hate speech is a continuously present and growing issue, and there is a lack of systematic research and monitoring for its resolution. Although the National Plan for theProtection and Promotion of Human Rights and Combating Discrimination for the period until 2027 recognizes hate speech as a problem and foresees measures to combat it, the main shortcoming of this plan is its partiality that reflects in the unsystematic design and implementation of cross-sectoral activities. For this purpose, this comprehensive Action Plan for Combating Hate Speech (herein-after: Action Plan) has been developed based on evidence, human rights and international recommendations and standards. Its goal is to lay the foundation for a holistic approach in fighting against hate speech that includes recognition, monitoring, prevention, awareness-raising, victim empowerment and strengthening the processing and regulation mechanisms.

The Action Plan was developed through several steps including, among others, a review of literature and existing practices and policies for combating hate speech in Croatia and the European Union, conducting interviews with key stakeholders in combating hate speech, and consultations with civil society organizations working on the protection and promotion of human rights which gather minority and vulnerable groups. The Action Plan
was created based on activities carried out within the project ‘Strengthening the protection system and empowerment of communities for recognising and combating hate speech in Croatia.’

This project is aimed at formulating a holistic approach to combat hate speech with the goal of achieving long-term social changes in the area of the right to protection against discrimination, freedom of expression and the right to participate in social and political life for all citizens, especially members of minority and vulnerable social groups who are, according to relevant research, most common targets and victims of hate speech.

The Action Plan contains the following specific measures for targeted holistic action of all actors–from schools to law enforcements bodies–on the prevention combating and processing of hate speech.

Full action plan is available here:

This publication was created as part of the project ‘Strengthening the protection system and empowerment of communities for recognising and combating hate speech in Croatia’ supported through the Active Citizens Fund by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway within the EEA grants.

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