Announcement: Annual Conference on Human Rights

Human Rights House Zagreb is organizing Annual Conference on Human Rights: overview of 2018, to be held in Zagreb on March 26, 2019. Two thematic panels of the conference will provide the overview of human rights, as well as the most pressing challenges and problems that have marked 2018 in Croatia and European Union.


The basis for the first panel discussion is the HR report Human Rights in Croatia: Overview of 2018 which presents the most pressing challenges, problems and issues that have influenced the human rights protection and promotion in Croatia. Socio-economic rights, justice, asylum-seekers and refugee rights, media freedoms and sexual/reproductive rights will be addressed by Ana Vračar (BRID), Luka Mitrović (Croatian Journalist Society), Sara Kekuš (Center for Peace Studies), Tea Dabić (Human Rights House Zagreb) and Sanja Cesar (Center for education, counseling and research).


The second part of the conference will address the issues of human rights and rule of law in European Union. The negative consequences of populist and illiberal policies on the rule of law and human rights in EU will be addressed by David Vig (Amnesty International Hungary), Malgorzata Szuleka (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Polan) as well as Jose Antonio Moreno Diaz and Marina Škrabalo, members of European Economic and Social Committee.

The working language of the conferences in Croatian. The interpretation of English is provided for non-Croatian speaking participants.